There is no doubt that in your current social circle, there are a few people who don’t deserve to have a seat at your table. Life can be challenging enough without having these soul suckers drain you dry. Relationships should lift you up, provide support, companionship and help you grow. Toxic relationships drain you, leave you feeling miserable, re-enforce every self-limiting belief you ever had about yourself and bring out and encourage the worst sides of you. The good news is, we have the choice of who we allow to let stay in our lives.

Our social circle is supposed to be a source of our happiness and joy and enrich out lives. If you are feeling depressed and suffering from low-self-esteem, you might want to take a look at the people closest to you. Our environment affects us far more than we realize and even acknowledge. If it’s true that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, then it’s also true that those 5 people directly affect who you are, your attitude and your over all well-being. The quality of your life depends upon the people you let in it. Not to mention your physical health too. If you feel that you may have some toxic people in your social circle, you may decide to have a talk with them to see if things change, but if you do express yourself and things don’t change, you may decide you need to do the the ole drift apart or if necessary, just “pull a Houdini”.

 Here are the top 8 most common types of poison people you need to detox from your life:

  1. The Soul Suckers– These people are all about themselves. Everything is and will always be about them, even when it’s about you, they will somehow make it about them. They will monopolize your time and may drain you of your support, empathy, finances or whatever else you have to offer. But when it’s your turn and you need a favor, support or a helping hand, they will be too busy and won’t be bothered to help. Relationships need give and take to survive and thrive. And these folks are always on the take, and if you let them, they will take everything until you feel like you have been sucked dry.
  2. The Naysayers– These are the people who never have anything nice to say. A little honest feedback or constructive criticism is fine, but these people criticize not to be helpful, but to boost their own ego. When you are constantly upset and hurt by the things they say, it’s time for you to say “good-bye”.
  3. The Downers– These people are the negative Nellies and Neds that spread negativity wherever they go. They are never happy and they will try to drag you down to their level, after all, misery loves company. They will discourage you from trying anything new and will always have a reason why things won’t work out. Soon enough, you will catch their very contagious negativity flu and will come down with your own bad case of the blues. A positive outlook is essential to happiness and living longer. Do yourself a favor and avoid these folks like the plague that they are
  4. The Pity-Pots– These people love to play the victim. That way, nothing is ever their fault. They blame everyone and everything for any negative circumstance in their life. They never take accountability for anything and if they do, it will sound something like, “well, if so and so didn’t act/ say/ or do that, I wouldn’t have responded/ said/ or done that”.  If you don’t free yourself from these people, you will most certainly become the target of their blame game at some point. If someone you know is stuck on their self-pity pot, it will do you a lot of good and increase your happiness to flush them from your life permanently.
  5. The Bullies– These people are the aggressors. They use their anger and outbursts to let off steam. They are childish and may even overreact and have rages over what most of us would consider minor stuff. They displace their own feelings onto others as a way to release and relieve themselves from experiencing their own undesirable emotions. You and everyone else end up being their emotional punching bag. Afterward, they might blow it off as if it never happened but the damage has been done. Time to give these folks the final blow, the blow off, that is.
  6. The Cluster B– These people tend to have personality disorders and are incapable of real empathy or compassion, they may even lack a conscience all together. They CAN’T put themselves in anyone else’s shoes and when you need a sympathetic ear or some understanding, you will most likely feel worse after confiding in them. You might disclose to them, that the checkout lady at the grocery store was really rude to you for no reason at all, and instead of showing some empathy toward your hurt feelings, these poison people might respond with, “she is always really nice to me, maybe it’s something you did”. If you know one of these parasites, waste no time, and quickly extract them from your life.
  7. The Phonies– These people are dishonest. They may not seem outwardly dishonest, but they lie, lie by omission or at the very least- are insincere. They are fake and talk out of both corners of their mouths. You never know if they actually believe what they are saying or not. They will tell you one thing and then tell another friend something else. What they are dishonest about may seem trivial or of nothing of real importance at times, but you can bet, they are dishonest about the big stuff too. Trust and honesty are the foundation of any relationship, if you find you have a Faker in your social circle, they are not worthy of your friendship.
  8. The Manipulators– These people are manipulative and unscrupulous at their worst. They use people to their advantage and may even befriend you as a ploy to get ahead and or to get an introduction to a person you know. They will use anything you tell them in confidence as a weapon against you and they always, always have some sort of hidden agenda. They are exploitive and often very selfish. If you feel like you are doing a whole lot of giving and not getting much in return, cut your losses and walk away. Heck, run if you can.

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4 thoughts on “8 Types of Toxic People to Detox From Your Life

  1. Thank you Bree for your dedication to educating and inspiring humanity with your gifts and knowledge. I have been, what I thought to be for the vast majority of my life, a magnet for toxic relationships. Only in the past year have I embrassed self love and understood that it is better to be alone and whole than “together” and broken in a toxic relationship. Now I value myself enough to be selective. Thanks again for your work!

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